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Spring 2019

Today we were invited to Sharnford Methodist Chapel to view the ‘Knitted Bible Stories’.  The children looked closely at each of the knitted stories and listened to the stories related to them.  We particularly enjoyed looking at the stories related to Easter, which we are currently learning about.

We then listened to the story of the ‘Lost Sheep’, read by Reverend Tim and finished the afternoon off by making our own lost sheep. 

Knitted Bible Stories.

Today Holly Class went to Fosse Meadows to take part in Forest School.  We enjoyed our walk down to Fosse Meadows, observing nature as we walked.  When we arrived at Fosse Meadows we looked at the brook and tried to spot fish.  We learned about the names of trees and different types of birds.  We also learned about other types of wild animals such as hedgehogs, moles, badgers and squirrels.  We enjoyed exploring primrose woods and learning lots of interesting facts about wildlife and nature.  We also enjoyed visiting the bird hide.  In the afternoon, the children got together in groups to make their shelters for their animals. We spoke about their habitats and what humans did in order to survive.  We had a camp fire and made popcorn.  The children were fully immersed in the whole experience.

Today we celebrated International Day and we enjoyed finding out all about life in a Kenyan school.  We began our day by finding out where Kenya is in the world and locating it on a globe.  We then enjoyed listening to our visitor, Mrs Coulson, who works at a school in Kenya.  She showed us pictures of her school and talked to us about what it is like and the kinds of activities they do.  We discussed the similarities and differences between both schools and talked about which school we would prefer to be at and why.  We read Handa’s surprise and re-enacted the story.  We then used our senses to investigate, describe then taste all the fruits from the story.  We looked at a selection of African artefacts that Mrs Coulson brought and we particularly enjoyed recreating one of the pieces of African art.  

International Day

As part of our RE week, Holly Class visited Sharnford Methodist Chapel.  We were shown around by Mrs Haddon the minister and she told us lots of interesting information.  The children looked closely at the different features of the Chapel and explored the different religious artefacts.  

Our Visit to Sharnford Methodist Chapel

Today Holly children enjoyed finding out all about Chinese New Year.  We turned the role-play area into a Chinese Restaurant and decorated it traditionally.  The children enjoyed handling food products such as rice, noodles and prawn crackers in their imaginary play.  We listened to the Chinese New Year story about the animals and used stick puppets to act out the story and watched a video clip all about how Chinese families celebrate this yearly celebration.  A range of Chinese artefacts were kindly brought in by Mrs Horton and shared with the children.  We enjoyed making a range of Chinese crafts such as lanterns, cards, pigs to celebrate the year of the pig, dragons and money envelopes but the most popular activity seemed to be the sampling of delicious Chinese food!  The children enjoyed sampling spring rolls, egg fried rice, noodles and prawn crackers.

Paws, claws and whiskers

Paws, Claws and Whiskers!

The topic for this term is 'Paws, claws and whiskers.'

Thank you for allowing the children to share their pet photographs with the class.

During this term, we will be finding out about different types of animals including mammals, fish, birds, amphibians and reptiles. We will researching food chains, whether animals are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores and how animals protect themselves. We will also be learning about animal babies and offspring. 

Animal fur and skin will be the inspiration for art based work. The children will also be designing and creating their own junk model animals.