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Spring I - Hola Mexico

Welcome back to our Spring Term! Our topic is Hola Mexico and within this we will be studying geographical aspects of Mexico, looking at and comparing cultures, Mayan civilisation, festivals and of course, trying out some Mexican recipes!

Exploring Mexico

Today we had a look at some traditional Mexican artefacts. There were Jacob's ladders, gourds, cactus string, friendship finger traps, statues of Gods, a mexican shawl (sharape), Pellet drums and flutes. It was great to have a play!

Artefact handling session

Y6 Warning Zone Visit

In January the Y6 children had their trip out to the Warning Zone in Leicester. This fantastic trip is a fun, interactive way of ensuring the children are aware of any dangers they may face now and as they get older.

In the morning the children looked at aspects of safety within their surroundings, such as being careful near building sites, railway lines, in the home, near open/running water and to think carefully about not placing themselves in dangerous situations that they couldn't control.

The staff were brilliant and answered the children's questions patiently and considerately. The children were well-behaved and listened carefully, offering thoughtful observations about the changing world we live in.

The afternoon was spent covering all aspects of e-safety (very pertinent considering Tuesday was Internet Safety Day!) through playing games in a fun fair! There was Guess Who, but you had to watch out for people lying about their appearances and ages, just as they could online. There was also a fishing game in which you had to watch out for which sites you clicked on; a coconut shy in which it was shown how easy it is to throw insults online; a photo booth to think about which images we use and a fortune wheel to think about good and bad parts of the web.


Warning Zone

Launch Day - making Latin Limeade, Sangria, Day of the Dead biscuits whilst mask designing and making!