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Spring Term

Welcome back!  Our topic theme for this half term in Year 1 is ‘Four Seasons’ and for the second half term, ‘Splendid skies.’

We will be learning about the features of the Seasons and the related weather. We will be measuring and recording the weather over a period of time.

The topic will be the inspiration for the Geography, History, Science, Art and Design and Technology this term.

We have begun the first part of our topic by listening to Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’.  We discussed each season in turn, sharing what we already knew as well as finding out more closely why we have seasons.  As we listened to each piece of music – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, we responded by drawing pictures of the seasons to the music. 

In our art work this term, we will focus on the work of William Morris.

Reception's theme this term is 'Pirate Adventure!'  The children will pretend to be pirates travelling to different parts of the world.  We will begin our journey by travelling to Polar Lands, finding out about the Arctic and the Antarctic.  We will also visit China and find out about Chinese New Year as well as Africa and Italy.  

As part of their topic 'Splendid Skies', Year 1 children have enjoyed learning about different types of clouds as well as the water cycle.  The children made their own water cycles using a plastic bag filled with water and will observe what happens to the water when it is placed in the sunshine.

Year 1 Water Cycles!

During our ICT lesson, Year 1 children have enjoyed programming Bee Bot.  The children worked together to create maps and wrote algorithms to instruct their partners where to send Bee Bot to.  The children also learnt how to debug the Bee Bot if they made a mistake.
Holly class children enjoyed finding out all about Chinese New Year. We turned the role-play area into a Chinese Restaurant and decorated it traditionally. The children enjoyed handling food products such as rice, noodles and prawn crackers in their imaginary play. We listened to the Chinese New Year story about the animals and used stick puppets to act out the story and watched a video clip all about how Chinese families celebrate this yearly celebration. A range of Chinese artefacts were kindly brought in by Mrs Horton and shared with the children. We enjoyed making a range of Chinese crafts such as lanterns, cards, snakes, dragons and money envelopes but the most popular activity seemed to be the sampling of delicious Chinese food! The children enjoyed sampling spring rolls, egg fried rice, noodles, prawn crackers and crispy seaweed.

Our Visit to the Pantomime!