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STEM Update 12/12/17: Huntington's breakthrough; Jupiter's Red Spot; French Phone Ban

Scientists might have found a way to control the devastating neurodegenerative disease known as Huntington's. This disease, which causes the death of brain cells, has fatal effects. However, this treatment is being hailed as one of the biggest breakthroughs of its type, and it might have other beneficial effects.


Astronomers have examined Jupiter's famous red spot more closely, and have discovered it is over 5 times as deep as the deepest part of Earth's oceans. The 'spot' is actually the biggest storm in the solar system, is wider than the Earth and has been going for over 150 years!


Finally the French government is considering a ban on mobile phones for French children in school - until those children are 15 years old. Where as in England schools are free to make their own rules about mobile phones, the French government is considering tougher rules governing their use - although they have also said phones could be used in 'some' lessons.