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STEM Update: 28/02/18: Global Seed Vault reaches 1 million; Neanderthal Art; Lunar 4G?

Norway's Svalbard Global Seed Bank has announced that it now has 1 milllion seeds different plant species held in cryogenic storage. The Seed Bank has been going for 10 years, and it's mission is to preserve the seeds of as many different species of plants, so as to be able to repopulate thhe planet with those species, should a catastophe occur.


Researchers have discovered caves in Northern Spain with art and shell jewellry that predates the first known arrivals of modern humans (Homo sapiens) by almost 20,000years. The researches claim that this is evidence that, far from being the savage brutes they a depicted as, Neanderthals had culture and creative expression - something it was originally thought that only humans had.


Vodafone and Nokia have announced plans to have a 4G network on the moon by 2019. This will help Lunar Rovers to stream information back to Earth. I did check, it isn't April 1st.