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Terms of Office

Terms of office

Head teacher - 10 years

Staff Governor – 4 years

Ex-officio – 10 years

Co-Opted Governors – 4 years

Foundation Governors – 4 years

Local Authority Governor – 4 years

Parent Governors – 4 years



Committee Structure


Finance & Personnel                                            Safeguarding - Buildings

Kath Allsopp                                                             Kath Allsopp

Tony Bolton                                                              Janet Bakewell – Office Manager

Sharon Boyd-Hope                                                 Tony Bolton

Michelle Dennis (Vice Chair)                                Rachel Chamberlain

Sheila Grice                                                              Janet Gaten 

Colin Hobbs                                                              Matthew Howard

Matthew Howard                                                                                                                 

Emma Knight (Chair)         


Safeguarding - Children

Kath Allsopp

Rachel Chamberlain (Chair)

Janet Gaten

Sheila Grice


Spiritual/Social/Moral Development

Closing the gaps on

Vulnerable groups

Tony Bolton                                                                 Kath Allsopp

Michelle Dennis (Chair)                                              Rachel Chamberlain

Mick Norman                                                               Sheila Grice

Penny Ross                                                                Catherine Morrison (RE Co-ordinator)

Jane Twitchett                                                             Mick Norman

                                                                                    Jane Twitchett



Curriculum                                                               Academies                                      

Sian Blount                                                               Kath Allsopp

Sheila Grice                                                              Sian Blount

Colin Hobbs                                                              Sharon Boyd-Hope

Matthew Howard                                                      Sheila Grice

Jane Twitchett                                                          Matthew Howard

                                                                                    Emma Knight



Marketing Committee                                            Pay Committee

Joanne Bouchard                                                    Kath Allsopp

Colin Hobbs (Chair)                                                  Sharon Boyd-Hope

Emma Knight                                                            Rachel Chamberlain

                                                                                   Michelle Dennis

                                                                                    Matthew Howard

                                                                                    Mick Norman



Pay and Appeals                                                    Discipline/Dismissal/Capability/

Sheila Grice                                                              Grievance/Pupil Disciplinary      

Penny Ross                                                              Sian Blount

                                                                                   Mick Norman

           Jane Twitchett



Complaints                                                              Performance Management                     

Mark Bryers                                                               Rachel Chamberlain

Janet Gaten                                                              Sheila Grice

Mick Norman                                                              Jane Twitchett



Business and Pecuniary Interests

Mrs S Grice, Magnus Falcons