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The Rocket Seed Experiment Update

The Rocket Seed Experiment - the Results!


Last year in All Saints we took part in the international Rocket seed experiment organised by NASA and fronted by Britain's own Tim Peake.

For 5 weeks the pupils watered, measured and cared for the two batches of seeds we had, one form Earth and one batch we had been flown to the International Space Station and back. Sadly, what we discovered was that our classrooms were not ideal for growing Rocket seeds! However we finished the experiment and sent our data off.


Now the Royal Horticultural Society have published the results here. In summary, they discovered that the Earth seeds grew slightly better than the Space seeds, something our own results also agreed with. Click on the link to find out whay they thought this and to have a look at the information.


A BIG thank you to all the pupils who helped out, and especially Year 2 and Miss Williams for being the custodians of our crop. We are really proud to have been a part of this experiment, and we hope to do more in the future!