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Today was a mix of new, and old new. We built shelters out of branches and fern, and we created small fires using a flint and steel. These activities have been done at Kingswood in previous years and made a return this year. The new was a game called 'crate stack' which you can see some photos of below. 

It's been a great day for the pupils to beat their personal targets, and more than a few children have absolutely blown theirs away. There is a great ethos at Kingswood of encouraging the pupils to push themselves beyond their comfort zones in small steps, and so many of them have attempted activities or feats that they wouldn't have tried at school. 

As you will see in today's video diaries, food is important to the children! They have been eating healthily and have loved the menu the site puts on.

Tomorrow sees our last couple of activities before returning home so the update will be more of a summary of the whole week and we'll try and get it up by Monday.



Still image for this video


Still image for this video