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Year 1 and 2 had an enjoyable day visiting the Battle of Bosworth Visitor Centre as part of our topic 'Richard III'.  We explored the local area and found out where the battle took place.  We looked at weapons and armoury and re-enacted a battle scene.  We found the visitor centre particularly exciting as we could try on costumes and armour - it was really heavy!

Our visit to Stoney Stanton Tennis Club!

Welcome back!  We have had a lovely first week back and have been excited to begin this terms topic 'Richard III'.  This week we are particularly looking forward to taking part in the Queen's 90th birthday celebration.  We will be taking part in a church service at St Helen's in celebration of her birthday as well as having a celebratory birthday lunch on Friday.  We look forward to sharing pictures of our exciting topic and activities over the coming weeks.
Willow children in Year 1 and 2 held a tea party for their parents and grandparents.  We decorated the classroom with bunting, made sandwich wrappers and created our sandwich by following our individual sandwich design.  Our special guests thoroughly enjoyed the sandwiches that we made.

Our tea party!

Oliver's Vegetables!

As part of our topic 'Splendid Skies', we have been learning all about the weather.  We started off the topic by finding out all about different types of cloud formations.  We then went on to find out all about the water cycle.  In pairs, we created our own water cycle experiment using a clear plastic bag and water.  We hung them on the window and we will be observing what happens over the next few days.  We hope to see evaporation, condensation and precipitation, just like the real water cycle.

We made our own water cycle experiments!

Today, we were visited by the poet, Andy Tooze.  He performed many of his poems to us and we joined in with many of them.  He worked with us as a class where he helped us to create two class poems: ‘Space’ and ‘Splendid Skies’.  Later in the afternoon, we were given the opportunity to practise reciting our poems as well as creating some of our own.  At the end of the day, we had a whole school assembly with parents and guardians where we recited our poems in front of a large audience!

Willow have enjoyed learning about the life and work of William Morris.  As part of our art topic we have attempted to recreate sections of his different designs, drawing them to scale.  Take a look at our gallery below!

Our William Morris scale drawings!

Welcome back!  Our topic theme for this half term is ‘Four Seasons’ and for the second half term, ‘Splendid skies.’

We will be learning about the features of the Seasons and the related weather. We will be measuring and recording the weather over a period of time.

The topic will be the inspiration for the Geography, History, Science, Art and Design and Technology this term.

We have begun the first part of our topic by listening to Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’.  We discussed each season in turn, sharing what we already knew as well as finding out more closely why we have seasons.  As we listened to each piece of music – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, we responded by drawing pictures of the seasons to the music. 

Each week, during our topic lessons, we will be writing fact files about the different seasons.  Later on in the term, our art work will focus on the work of William Morris.


Acting out the miracle story, 'Jesus and the Storm'.

Sharing story time!

Drawing in response to Vivaldi's Four Seasons!



Our Christmas Production this year was called ’Stargazers’.  All the children in the school took part in the production.  They all joined in with the singing and dancing and performed their dances and songs on stage.  We were very proud that the children were able to sit and concentrate for such an extended period of time and have the courage to perform on stage in front of an audience.

Our visit to Midland Roller Arena! What a great time we all had!

As part of our science topic, year one and two tested a range of materials to find out which one would keep teddy dry.  They had to ensure that there test was 'fair' by changing one variable each time and keeping everything else the same.

Our topic this term is 'A Toy Story!'  We launched the topic by bringing in a toy from home to share and discuss with the rest of the class.  The children brought in a variety of toys both old and new which was most interesting and exciting.


As part of our toy topic we are having a toy museum visit at All Saint's School.  Hopefully there will be lots of exciting old toys for us to look at and investigate.

During the topic we will be designing a coat for teddy and we will be experimenting with different materials to find the most suitable.


We will also begin rehearsing for our Christmas Play this term - we have a very busy, exciting few weeks ahead!



A Toy Story!

Mrs Horton's Old Toy!

Our 'Starry Night' paintings inspired by Van Gogh!

Baking with Mrs Bryan and Mrs Nielsen!

Neil Armstrong!

We found out about Neil Armstrong, the first man to land on the moon.  We watched a clip of the famous lunar landing then researched more about his life.  We then used drama to explore what it might have been like, being the first person ever in history to land on the moon.  We considered the different emotions that Neil Armstrong might have felt at different points of his journey in space.  We then hot seated Mrs Wright who pretended to be Neil Armstrong and asked her questions about the famous mission.

Roller Hockey for year 1 and 2!

Celebrating Harvest Festival at Sharnford Methodist Church.

Welcome Back!

The children have returned to school with enthusiasm, ready for our 'Moon Zoom' topic.  They have begun their space themed topic by designing and making their own space rockets as well as creating their own aliens!

We are all so pleased with how well-behaved and grown up all the children have been and look forward to an exciting term ahead!