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Willow - Mr Howard

Welcome to the Willow Class page. Willow class is the Year 6 class in our school, and Mr Howard is the teacher (he is also the Deputy Head!).

Being a member of Willow Class is an important part of the school and its community. Year 6 pupils have many responsibilities throughout the school, including working with the infants during lunch times, helping in assemblies and working on the school newspaper. A member of Year 6 is also the School Council chair person.

Year 6 is also a lot of fun as it's members are now mature enough to start enjoying more adventurous parts of learning, such as Maths investigations, free reading, designing their own Science experiments, and going on week long residentials like Kingswood. We try and pack a lot into what is your last year in the school!

Mr Howard, Mrs Walker, Mr Wyness and Year 6