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Willow - Mr Howard

Our Year 5 and Year 6 children went to Hinckley Academy to take part in a sports day organised by some of the Year 9 students. They all had a fantastic time, competing and trying out different and new sports and athletic activities, including Shot Put, High Jump and Tug-O-War!


A big 'Thank You' to the staff and students at Hinckley Academy for organising the day and making us all feel so welcome.

We learnt many team-building skills when we designed and set up our own sports circuits. We then tested that each activity worked, before having a go at each others'. Teams in charge of their activities had to watch participants carefully and decide who was getting an award and what each award was for. We then designed certificates using our ICT skills and presented them to the winners. Finally, we had a picnic to re-fuel after all that exercise!

Identity: DT Tall Tower Challenge

The challenge was to build the tallest, free-standing tower. We started by auctioning the materials, then worked in teams to design and build our towers. We learnt to budget, innovate, delegate, respond to changing circumstances and work as part of an effective team. Some towers were over 2 metres tall! Well done!
As part of our topic on 'Identity', we brought in objects that are special to us, as well as our favourite songs. We wrote about them and presented to an audience. Objects included: jodphurs, trinkets, mementos, photographs and ornaments.
We are improving each week!

Andy Tooze Visiting Poet

We had a poetry workshop by Andy Tooze, a published poet. He helped us write poems about our 'Hopes and Dreams', with some incredible results. At the end of the day, some children performed their poem during a whole school assembly to parents.

Our Hopes & Dreams Poetry

We learnt all about the Mexican festival 'Dia de Los Muertos' (Day of the Dead), creating skull masks, skull biscuits, large skull collages, as well as a Mexican food and drink tasting session. Some of use even liked the Sangrita drink with chili powder!

Sci-Fi Comic Strips

We worked hard to produce our own exciting comic strip adventures to be published on this website. We began by watching Sci-Fi clips, from the very beginnings of the genre, considering features of the form. We then studied Sci-Fi comic strips, paying close attention to the language, layout, settings and characterization. Finally, we wrote our own single editions for your entertainment!


We made our own rockets to get to the moon (well, the other side of the school field, at least!). The original plan was to use water as the propellant, under pressure from air pumped into the body of the rocket. However, we couldn't get a waterproof seal, so we switched to using air pressure alone as the propellant. The rockets didn't go as far as we would have liked, but we still achieved lift-off! 



This half-term's topic was all about space, the planets and the moon landing. We began by making models of the planets in our solar system and displaying them in order of distance from the sun.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
The culmination of all of our work about fairground rides was to design, make and test our own 'Drop Ride' models. This week, they were tested using hard-boiled eggs as the 'riders'! If the eggs didn't crack or fall out of the carriage, then the model was successful. Most models achieved the design brief; some needed modifying following testing!

Scream Machine Science and DT day.

For information about our day and photos please click here.

Christian Values Art Project

We contributed to the whole school Christian Values art project by using our sewing skills to design and make decorative leaves. It was very therapeutic, even re-threading all those needles! Thank you so much to all the adult helpers.

Log Flumes!

First, we considered the properties needed for an effective log flume carriage. We then designed carriages, tested and evaluated them. Some shot down the slide and would make exhilarating rides; others needed re-designing to ensure the riders would not get absolutely soaked!

Scream Machine

Centripetal Force

We investigated this by spinning cups of water, then a bucket of water, over our heads. If you spin it fast enough, the water doesn't come out....! Some fairground rides use this idea to help keep people in the ride!

We have started our topic about fairground rides: how they're constructed, the forces involved when they're running, etc. We began by making our own rides using construction kits. Some were easier than others!