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Y6 Pilgrimage

Today the Y6 children completed their pilgrimage to Leicester Cathedral - a quite tiring 5 mile walk from Watermead park into the city centre. We began by running up the hill towards the mammoth in Watermead park and at that slightly breathes point we began our journey. Mrs Allsopp introduced our pilgrimage by discussing our roots, what our foundations are and that today was an opportunity for the children to reflect on what the future holds for them; as well as chance to talk with their friends and spend this special time together.

As we walked along the canal paths and into the city we stopped at different points to discuss and reflect upon our journey in life so far. At the crossroads we talked about choices we would have to make and who would help us do this. Whilst gazing up at the high ropes course we wondered at life's big adventures and what ours would be next. Further on we thought about our ambitions, our goals and about letting go of the past and looking to the future.

The last part of or pilgrimage was the hardest as we walked in silence from Castle Park to the cathedral where we had our service led by Reverend Norman. Once the children made their friendship bracelets with the three strands representing the holy trinity they then had the opportunity to see the tomb of King Richard III. After this the children led us in prayer before Reverend Norman read a blessing. We finished by singing One More Step and at this point a visitor went out of her way to compliment the children on their singing and behaviour.

It was an amazing day - regardless of the rain - the children were an absolute pleasure to take and we had many laughs along the way as well as time to reflect and consider.

Our 2015 Pilgrimage

How Ancient Egypt influenced the modern world.

Over the last few topic sessions the children in year 6 have been researching just how ancient Egyptian civilisation has influenced our modern world. They have looked at key areas such as medicine, paper, astrology, geometry and women's liberation. They then had to design a poster to convey all this information and present it to the rest of the class. What a fabulous job they did! We had quizzes, open the flaps, original designs, mummifications and even sound effects!

Our posters and presentations

Y6 science visit to Mount Grace

The Y6's had a fab time burning things and experimenting with flames on their visit to Mount Grace on Monday afternoon! They did have a talk about Bunsen burner safety first though before experimenting with iron and oxygen and finding out that fireworks are pure chemical reactions. A fun time was had by all!

Give me oil in my lamp.....

Egyptian Banquet!

Today and yesterday children from years 5 and 6 made a range of food to then eat at our banquet! Monday afternoon saw a rotation of food activities happening such as salsa making, couscous designing and Egyptian flatbread cooking! On Tuesday the feast was laid out with extra Egyptian dishes such as dates and flavoured rice and it was supplemented with breadsticks, raisins and salad. Many children were quite adventurous and tried many of the dishes made - there certainly wasn't much left over!

Many thanks go to our wonderful chefs: Mrs Bryan, Mrs Hurst, Mrs Bolton and Mrs Gimson!

Crowning Glory!

More Brilliant Brainbuilder Efforts!

Homework....with style!

The Pharaohs!

Willow have had an exciting start to the Summer Term as we began our topic all about the Egyptians! To start with we watched a mummification take place from behind a screen! The main organs were extracted from the dead body first, then the brains were hooked out through the nose before the body was wrapped up in bandages. A fun start! (Thanks to Mrs Bolton for being mummified - she still looks great though!)

We have had a look at a selection of the objects that were found by Howard Carter when he discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun and we had quite a heated debate about whether he should have opened the tomb at all! The children are proving very knowledgeable about Egypt, have settled back to work very well and are a pleasure to teach! 

We have been writing cinquains about precious gem-stones.



Ice-cold cobalt,

A crown jewel it once was,

A symbol of great elegance,


(by Mia, Josh, Frankie and Grace)


Tiffany yellow diamond,

Gleaming gem,

Shining, amazing, astonishing,

A glamerous piece of wealth,


(by Marnie, Jack, Ethan and Lauren)

We found out about soliloquies. Jodie has written one as the Alchemist on Alchemy Island:

Will this quest EVER come to an end? I'm near but so far! What will me fate be if I don't get the recipe to make gold? My name will be forgotten. NO! The rainbow dunes sand blinds me, where I go where no other alchemist has gone before. Why did I start this quest? It's never ending! Yore people have tried so hard but have FAILED, I'm not like them, I won't fail. I will go on till the bitter end. It's hopeless! It's impossible! I musn't think like that. Help is needed but I go alone. It's a prison - alone and silent. The volcano will crush my dreams if it explodes. The island will be gone...... FOREVER!

Our Gold Dust Experiment - By Josh, Zoe, Jos and Jessica

Today we did an extraordinary experiement. We were experimenting with 'gold dust' from the Fountain of Gold on Alchemy Island. We were testing to see whether cold or warm water saturated first with the gold dust. Our cold water became saturated first with one half teaspon of gold dust. It took the warm water 7.5 teaspoons of gold dust before it became saturated. We concluded that cold water saturates first.

Our 'gold dust' experiment

Our 'gold dust' experiment 1
Our 'gold dust' experiment 2
Our 'gold dust' experiment 3

There is gold on Alchemy Island. We reserached 'gold' and then created our own posters. These two shown are by Dylan and Nic.

There is gold on Alchemy Island. We reserached 'gold' and then created our own posters. These two shown are by Dylan and Nic. 1
There is gold on Alchemy Island. We reserached 'gold' and then created our own posters. These two shown are by Dylan and Nic. 2

On Alchemy Island, we created our very own 'Fountain of Gold'.

On Alchemy Island, we created our very own 'Fountain of Gold'. 1
Our topic for this term is Alchemy Island.

Homework - design a 3D polar landscape for our Frozen Kingdom topic

Several pupils were able to attend the Skills Show at the Birmingham NEC on Thursday, along with some Westfield Primary School pupils. This was the first time we had attended the event so it was a new experience for us all. Pupils were able to take part in activities put on from a huge number of employers, colleges and other institutions from around the UK. The children asked lots of questions about what it was like working in the various industries on show, and this inspired them to talk about what aspirations they had for their futures.


One of our hit stands was a Dragons' Den run by the Peter Jones foundation. Pupils were given random household items and then encouraged to try and sell them to a board of 4 young Dragons. All of our pupils were successful, some of them outrageously so!


The show was stuffed full of fantastic ideas for young people to think about as careers or for aspirations for their futures.

Skills Show

Remembrance Service


Here are some refelections from Year 6 about the Remembrance Service at All Saints Church.


I really enjoyed the service because it made me think about all of the soldiers who risked their lives for us - Rebecca


The Remembrance service helped me to think about my great, great, great grandad Georgy because he was in World War 1. It made me happy that he saved lives and thought about others before himself - Mia


I enjoyed this service because of the pictures. It helped me not to feel worried. I liked the letters to the unknown soldiers. The two minutes silence helped me not to be sad but to be grateful.



Visit to Sapcote War Memorial

Visit to Sapcote War Memorial 1
Visit to Sapcote War Memorial 2
Visit to Sapcote War Memorial 3

Our 'suspended treasures' - a real achievement!

Year 6 enjoyed sharing their art and literacy work (Gallery Rebels) with their friends and family.

As part of our week looking at expressionism, the children created their own feelings poems. These type of poems are called 'nonets' - can you see why?


Happy (by Nic, Gage, Harry and Lauren)

A smile as wide as a whale,

Happy as the Easter Bunny,

Jumping with joy - hurray, yey!

Delighted with success,

Cheerfulness abounds,

Love struck again,





Confused (by Joseph, Mia, Oliver and Jodie)

My head was spinning like a yoyo,

I feel dizzy like a spin top,

I am mixed up - please help me!

I was a Rubix cube,

My head was whirling,

I am confused,

I need help,

Oh no,



Hurt (by Joshua, Jessica, Marnie and Ellis)

Like a flame attracted to acid,

The boys' heart was a beating drum,

Like a gun shot through my heart,

Like a harsh bullet wound,

A hole in my heart,

It was painful,





Excited (by Rebecca, Grace, Jack and Frankie)

I can't wait till bonfire tonight,

I'm so thrilled about the rockets,

The excitement flowed through me,

I am so excited,

I am restless,





Afraid (by Dylan, Jos, Zoe and William)

The boy quivered as the night encroached,

He thought he would never see light,

The nightmares were on their way,

He dreamt of the monsters,

They hid nearby him,

Waiting to strike,






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