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Yr 3/4 Conifer Mr Wyness

Welcome to Conifer Class 2019-20.


This is going to be a great year for us. We have already started planning to design and make our own chocolate bars. We have used spaghetti and marshmallows to make the tall structures. The pupils have made a great start to lessons, are eager to learn and fantastically well behaved. When we get the permission slips sorted out, there will be photos of some of the activities on here. Personally, I am looking forward to going with the class to Beaumanor this year!


Each term's homework will be in the homework folder below so everyone can have access to it when they need. Spellings will also go in there every week. Could we ask that pupils keep their PE kits at school for a whole term and that any letters, permission slips or monies are handed in by your child as soon as possible.


Parents can communicate with the Home School book (red) that the pupils are bringing out. If you need to discuss something a bit more substantial, please book a meeting with the office, I will be happy to see you.


Here's to a great year!

W/e 20/09/2019: This has been a very creative week. We have designed, made and evaluated chocolate bar wrappers. We made the chocolate bars as well, how else can you test the design? We also sampled various types of bread products and evaluated the taste and texture. In Literacy we have started learning about Nonsense Poems. These can be tremendous fun, so if you can help your child read any nonsense poems by Lewis Carroll, limericks by Edward Lear, or even watch Michael Rosen perform his Nonsense poems on youtube, that would be very helpful. After learning about ordering numbers, we are now moving onto counting on in various amounts – starting with 10s and working up.

Photos will be up as soon as we are allowed!

Autumn 1: Chocolate Bars

Autumn 1: Chocolate Bars 1
Autumn 1: Chocolate Bars 2

13.09.2019: Roald Dahl Reading Cafe

30.09.19 Spaghetti and Marshmallow Challenge

11.10.19: Peace Gardens

23.10.19: Measuring Temperatures of Solids, Liquids and Gases

Autumn 2: What are we up to this term?


This term is a long one - 9 weeks! So we will take up to Beaumanor Week to finish our Scrummdiddlyumptious topic. Pupils not going to Beaumanor will enjoy some amazing arts and crafts organised by Miss Carvell. Our new topic will be Gods and Mortals, where we will start by looking at Greek Myths and Gods, and the story of Arachne.

In Maths we are looking at Addition, Subtraction and just starting Multiplication. This is a critical part of the year as these, with Division, are the foundation stones of the rest of the Maths  year. We will spend more time on these units than any other!

In Literacy we are following our topic theme, and looking at creating Character descriptions, then our own Myths.

Science will be looking at Electricity, while we are carrying on with our Games focus in PE, currently Hockey.

Homework this term is on the website now. Please, if you have time, remember to read with your children, and practise their times tables and spellings. Thank you.

Friendship Week

We are overjoyed to announce that our Year 3-4 team who came second in the recent Literacy Grand Final, held at Thomas Estley Community College. Our class representatives, Oscar and Issie, have done us proud!

Thank you so much to parents and relatives who came to help out in our recent STEM and DT days