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Yr1/2 Maple Mrs Morrison

We have been busy bees investigating all sorts of minibeasts in the environment around school.

We have visited the Peace Garden and found millipedes, earwigs, ants, snails and woodlice as well as butterflies, moths and a grasshopper! We studied them with magnifying glasses and bug-boxes after suctioning them up using pooters.

We have been learning about minibeast habitats and have written our own minibeast riddles.

Can you guess the minibeast?


What am !?

I have a furry body and I can't fly.

I live in a dark scary hole.

I skuttle slowly and creep very slow.

I am so invisible.

What am I ?                   by Liam



What am I?

I have a stinging abdomen, a bad temper and 6 legs.

I live on hills and grass.

I skuttle and crawl all over the place.

I can be different colours.

What am I?                   by Mila

Welcome back after the Easter holiday! In Maple Class we are full of the joys of Spring as we explore our new topic: The Scented Garden.

We will start off with a walk around the school grounds and try our hand at being plant explorers, using magnifying glasses and a plant-spotting chart. We will planting our own scented flowers too, and finding out what plants need to grow and how to look after them.

It's a short half term but we're going to pack in lots of learning! 

Our topic this half term is Muck, Mess and Mixtures and we are having such fun!

We have exploring all different sorts of materials and mixtures and getting very messy indeed.

We have made our own potions and labelled them and even made a magical fizzing potion!

Now we are creating our own ice cream sundae recipes to try out at home!

Welcome to Maple Class!

What a great start to the academic year we have had learning all about 'Marvellous Me!' 

We got creative with self-portraits, learned about how much we've changed since we were babies and carried out science investigations linked to our senses. 

Everyone has settled in really well and working hard. In the first half term our Christian Value was 'Friendship' and Maple has proved itself to be a very friendly class, always looking out for each other. We have created our own Maple Class Charter to ensure we are all learning in a happy and safe environment where we help one another.

After a well-earned half-term holiday we have started learning about The Great Fire of London. What an exciting topic this is! Pictures to follow soon ...